BladeSox For Your Airplane's Propeller




BladeSox™ (patent pending) came about after reading an article in the September 2016 issue of AOPA Magazine by Ian J. Twombly titled "Ownership: Care For The Carbon". In it was explained that the thin trailing edge of the carbon fiber blade was particularly susceptible to damage. Damage that is usually caused in the hangar during maintenance from cowl removal or the errant wrench is what we all refer to as hangar rash. Removal or adjustments of the blades not done carefully can result in an expensive repair, not to mention the unwanted down time.

Unfortunately, at the time there was not an acceptable product that was readily available to protect the prop from an unfortunate damage causing accident. 

For more than a year, development of a cover to help protect the propeller’s trailing edge was undertaken. Several materials were tried and considered, but neoprene became the material of choice. We us a 3mm thick neoprene with nylon bonded on both sides. This gives the BladeSox a snug fit, double thickness at the trailing edge, easy slide on installation and slide off removal, and no need for straps to hold the covers to one another. It will not fall off! BladeSox conform to the shape of your prop just like your socks conform to your feet. They are easy to care for and roll up neatly for your cross country flight. Each cover has a 9” REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT nylon streamer that can be disconnected easily if needed. And they’re good looking too!

Propellers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes so an off the shelf cover isn’t practical for decent protection. Each pair of BladeSox is custom tailored to your propeller’s size and they come in a variety of color combinations to compliment your plane’s paint scheme. Personalization is added with your aircraft's “N” number, aircraft model or personal text. We also have a limited ability to add your company logo. Give us a call and will see what we can do.

Each set of BladeSox has a 90 day limited warranty against material or manufacturing defects.